Irrigation Design

The design aspect of an irrigation system is of utmost importance. An improperly designed system can cause wasted money, operational headaches and poor landscape quality for year’s to come. Cut Above takes a comprehensive approach when designing your system by considering the overall terrain, plant types, and turf watering needs to design systems that will be extremely efficient and cost effective.

Whether you are planning to brave the “rapids” (no pun intended) of installing your own system or want a turn-key design and install, Cut Above can help provide you with the appropriate level of consulting and/or services you need.

Irrigation Installation

Installation is where the “rubber meets the road” or in this case, the “water meets the turf!” The best design is useless if it’s not properly installed in the field. We work diligently to ensure the proper installation techniques and manufacturers specifications are followed. From the depth of pipe installation to the installation of valves and controllers, Cut Above’s trained technicians understand the importance of doing the job right the first time.

Mistakes made during installation are costly to isolate and repair later. Our team is continually researching and networking with manufacturers and industry organizations to stay abreast of new technology that can help save you money and provide a high quality, long-term solution to your watering needs.

Irrigation Repair

All systems in this world seem to require some form of maintenance or repair. Irrigation systems are no different. Each system has moving parts, from valves and heads to the water itself, there is literally constant pressure placing stress on the system components at different critical points. In an imperfect world, there are bound to be some problems that arise from normal use. Add to this the unpredictable acts of God and Man and there will no doubt be a need for some repair of your system at some point in it’s lifetime.

So, whether you are seeing a random puddle of water on your property or a zone get’s stuck running, Cut Above technicians can help isolate and repair these issues in a timely and cost effective manner.

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