Mowing & Trimming

Mowing, one of modern landscapes basic necessities seems to be loved or hated with little room in between. Some people are week-end warriors and view their mowing experience with a sense of accomplishment and needed exercise after a busy work-week in the office. Others view it as the bane of property ownership and loath the thought of mowing after a long stressful week.

In either case, one thing is for sure, the lawn waits for no one and continues to grow regardless s of what perspective you have on it’s existence. Cut Above can help whether you never want to touch your lawn or if you are going away on vacation and need someone to fill in the gap. Call us today for a free estimate on your property.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning trees and shrubs requires not only the proper equipment but also the proper knowledge and skill to promote a long healthy life with the most expensive part of your natural landscape. Improper pruning can promote disease and pest damage as well as cause lack of blooming and growth depending on the variety.

Whether your crape myrtles need some seasonal shaping or your border hedge has gotten out of control, Cut Above can help maintain your shrubs on a one-time basis or for the entire season. We can also help remove the debris after trimming if your municipality doesn’t provide these services.

Weed Control in Bed Areas

The dreaded weed, part of the curse for sure! There are few among us that actually enjoy the task of weeding. If you are one of those few, please visit our employment application page ASAP, we would love to talk to you! What is a weed? Anything you don’t want growing in a specific area! Based on this definition Bermuda grass in your begonias would certainly qualify as a weed after crossing that 4-6” bed edge from your lawn to the flowers.

Sometimes manually pulling certain weeds without removing the roots can actually amplify the problem over the long term and weeds will literally multiply. And anyone who has tried to pull Bermuda from juniper and other annuals or shrubs knows what to expect a week later, and it’s not weed-free beds. Cut Above implements both mechanical removal (hand pulling) as well as systemic selective and non-selective herbicides designed to attack the problem at the roots.

We can provide a one-time clean-up or a regular maintenance regime to help keep your beds looking weed free!

Leaf Removal

Who doesn’t love Autumn? The aroma of Apple cider fills the air, pumpkins dot the suburban landscape and kids love to jump and frolic in the leaves. That’s all dandy until those same leaves that looked so beautiful in the crisp fall sky, are now waiting to be collected and removed from your property.

Rake, Blow, Mulch or Bag… there really isn’t an easy way to get this done other than to call Cut Above to handle the job. So if you prefer to wait the entire season and need a one-time clean-up or want this service added as a regularly scheduled maintenance visit during the fall season, we can help keep autumn enjoyable.

Speak with a landscape specialist today!