The best mower and the tidiest beds can’t make a landscape look good if the turf quality is poor. Cut Above can help you maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn by working with you to develop a program that will best meet your properties needs while not wasting resources or harming the environment. Soil quality, turf density, water and shade availability are all factors that will be considered when developing your program.

Weed control in turf areas can be challenging in a climate zone like the upstate. It is critical to understand the differences in the types of turf (warm vs cool season) in order to know the best way to eradicate and prevent future weed infestation. A healthy dense turf is the best defense against weeds but it won’t ensure a weed-free lawn without consistent monitoring and treatment. Cut Above can help maintain your lawn, weed free.

Shrubs, Trees, Perenials and Annuals. These represent a substantial investment in most landscapes. If you have mature plants, losing them to disease or instects can take years to match the size and scale of your existing landscape. So if you want a dense lush landscape that will make the neighbors say WOW, we can help analyze your plants and provide a cost effective fertilization and pest control program to fit your specific needs. Speak with a landscape specialist today!